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We will be shearing the alpacas on Saturday April 9th 2016.

See some pictures from last year here.





Our Alpacas


At Flint Stone Farm, we have 30 alpacas in a variety of colors including white, fawn, brown and black.  We have some very high quality alpacas that are for sale as breeding stock.  We also have several males that for various reasons are not breeding quality, but are suitable as pets or fleece producers for hand spinners.


Already have alpacas?

If you already have alpacas and you are looking for a valuable addition to your herd or for a herdsire with just the right qualities for your females, we welcome you to visit us to personally see the excellent alpacas we have to offer.  Learn more about our Alpacas for Sale here.


Considering Alpacas?

Alpacas are very low maintenance animals.  They originate in the mountains of South America where the environment is tough and the natural food sources are scarce in comparison to our lush pastures.  During the summer, some shade, a clean water source, some minerals and grass will keep them very happy.  In the winter, they will need hay and a small amount of grain.  In return, they will provide you with their natural beauty, a mowing service, “fertilizer” and of course that luxurious fleece.


If you simply love animals or you are a hand spinner and would like to have a couple of high quality fleece producing animals to decorate your property and provide you with fleece, give us a call and we can arrange an introduction with some of our pets.  Check out our Pet Alpacas here.  


If you don’t have a suitable place to keep alpacas, you can still own them!  Included in our herd are several alpacas that belong to other people.   We keep their alpacas with our herd for a monthly “agisting” fee.  If you are interested in this approach to owning alpacas, just ask us about it.




Are you a Knitter or Hand Spinner?

We send our highest quality fleeces to a mill for processing into yarn.  If you are a knitter and would like to get to know the alpaca that contributed the yarn to your project, give us a call to meet them and get some of their yarn.

Similarly, if you are a hand spinner we can save the fleece from the alpacas of your choice.  Call us to arrange a visit and to reserve your fleeces.





Flint Stone Farm is located on Flint Hill near Coopersburg in Eastern Pennsylvania.


The plentiful flint and granite stones in our fields are the inspiration for our name.


Use the links above to browse the site and learn about our alpacas.


Visitors are welcome.  Contact us to arrange a visit.

Our daughters were part of a special interest Girl Scout Troop that was featured on The Late Show with David Letterman. See the Video here.